How To Be Confident Of Your Choices In 2017

A Simple Way To Use Focus And Create A Remarkable Year

How to be confident of your choices in 2017

Do you ever find it hard to have focus?  I do. Focus isn’t always the easiest quality to master.  Earlier this year, I had to move my home office downstairs because I had back surgery and there simply wasn’t any way I could go up and down the stairs at the time. So my wife […]

Live Your Dreams Today With These Three Steps

live your dreams

Here’s the deal…You may not have a tomorrow. We are never promised tomorrow. With that in mind, here’s the question…Do you want to live your dreams, today? Most people would probably have to answer “yes”. You’re probably one of those people. We tend to get caught up in day to day life and to live […]

3 Powerful Secrets You Can Learn From Bowhunting

You Can Challenge Your Faith To Grow

Hunting with a gun is one thing. Bowhunting is something entirely different. I realize this post may seem a little different from my usual posts…but this hobby of mine has a few secrets that will really help you in life. So I wanted to share them. Before I do, let me say this: God will help you […]

4 Keys To Changing Your Life’s Direction At The Right Time

Do you wish you could change something in your life? Chances are you do. At some point you’re  going to desire change in at least one area of your life. You’ve probably heard the old adage, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. But…in our life it’s not always that simple. Sometimes things get complicated. There […]

To Keep Your Dream Alive Remember This One Simple Thing


Maybe this year hasn’t turned out exactly as you planned. Every year I have plans that are laid aside because of setbacks, resource issues, or just plain bad luck. It happens to everyone. No one is immune to the fact that sometimes plans don’t work out. This year may have been one of those years for […]