How To Invest In Yourself And Why You Should

You’ve known selfish people before…That’s not what I’m talking about. For some, and I’m one of them…the idea of investing in yourself is hard to get into. It seems selfish. But investing in yourself is actually one of the best things you can do for others if  you invest the right way.

Here’s what I mean…When you sharpen your skills through training you’re able to use those sharpened skills to the benefit of others. If you learn something new because you invested in your personal learning, you should use that knowledge to benefit someone else too. When you’re healthy, rested, fit, energized, and “with it”… you’re able to pour yourself into other people. You have the margin to be generous with your life.

Most people think of generosity only in financial terms…but it’s so much more.

Generosity is the result of wise investing coupled with an unselfish attitude.

You may have the desire to help other people or give more of your time; but you can’t do that if you don’t have it.

It’s real simple…You can’t give what you don’t have. No where is that more important than with your time…so that’s a good place to begin investing in yourself.

Why should you invest in yourself? Because it gives you reserves that benefit you, while giving you the ability to be generous to others. Most people are good people. Most people have the desire to help their family, their friends, and their neighbors. What most people lack, though, is the reserves to make that happen. You don’t want to be someone with no margin in your life. You want to be known as kind, loving, and generous. Investing in yourself makes that possible.

Here’s one simple statement to remember when it comes to investing in yourself:

Lead your time.

You be the person who tells your time where it’s going to be spent. Your time is your most valuable, non-renewable resource…so lead it well.

What to do:

1.) Schedule REST.

Decide in advance where you are going have downtime and protect that time to the best of your ability. This is real downtime. Sleep. naps. physical rest. Mental breaks…You have to take a mental break sometimes or you just might break mentally!

2.) Schedule RECOVERY.

When you’ve had a particularly difficult few days, or even weeks…make sure you put a couple of days in your schedule to help you recuperate. This is just getting yourself back on track.

3.) Schedule RESTORATION.

This is time to restore your spirit. It’s taking time to be with God daily. It’s time spent reading the scriptures. Restoration can even come from doing a few things that you’ve really wanted to do. Things that you enjoy. Basically, restoration is a time to take a breath of fresh air…whether it’s spiritually, mentally, or physically. Without restoration in your schedule you’ll wear down. And let’s face it…you’re not as good for yourself, your family, or anyone else when you get into a burned out state.

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