BP:04 – Be Productive

If you have ever rolled over three times to hit the ringing alarm clock…this goal is for you!

Being productive involves actually doing something, which can be hard to actually do. Most people (sadly, me included) plan to do many things.

In fact, your calendar is probably full at the moment with all sorts of things you have to do. Just to be clear, you’ll do most of the things on your calendar.

The question you need to ask yourself, however, is this:

Ouch! That’s a question no one really wants to answer, because the truth usually hurts.

Your days are most likely filled up; but are they filled with things that make you productive towards your personal goals? If not, there are at least a few things that really need to change.

Why? Because when a person goes for long stretches of time without accomplishing the things that are really important to them personally, they usually end up burning out. You don’t want to be the person who burns out, do you? I didn’t think so!

Action Steps:

  1. Write down three personal goals to work on.
  2. Cancel two unnecessary appointments this week. (And next week!)
  3. Get up thirty minutes earlier and work on a personal goal. (You’ll feel good about yourself when you do)

Today’s Prayer:

Lord, I want to be productive in the things that matter most. Will you help me to prioritize my time so that I can reach the goals I’ve set for my life…I know you will!

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