Why is seeking God important?

Seeking God is the key that unlocks the life you were created for

It seems that everyone is looking for a magic key that will help them unlock all the things they need or want for their life. If you have lived for very long, you know that no such key exists. Hard work and effort are rewarded. If you work hard and strive to put in your […]

The Serenity Prayer: Use It To Unlock Faith’s Best Kept Secret

Pray This Classic Prayer To Shine A Light In Your Darkness


We’ve all had those moments when our life seems to be in the dark. You seek direction, clarity, anything to point the way. It’s in these scenarios that you can feel the void of faith like somehow God is a million miles away. But faith has a secret that most people won’t tell you about, […]

Find Out How 3 Simple Actions Will Improve Your Prayers

Approach God the right way

Today is NOT the time to stop going forward in your relationship with Jesus. Today is the time to PRESS AHEAD. See, no matter what you have experienced, or whatever the devil has tried to put you through, no matter the discouragement or even confusion that you may feel, God still has a desire to […]

Prayer Focus: How To Use Your Prayers To Change Your Circumstances

Give Your Prayers A Laser Focus


Do you have a prayer focus? If not, how do you measure the effectiveness of your prayers? Maybe this is an odd question, but thinking about it will help you. Prayer focus is so valuable because prayer is supposed to be one of the most important things in your life. Prayer draws you closer to God. It helps you. Prayer […]