BP:01 – Don’t be the lid on your own potential


You have a potential that is God-given The potential to be a great parent The potential to succeed in your purpose The potential to reach the outcomes in life that God desires you to reach The potential to become the spouse you were meant to be The potential to influence those closest to you for […]

How To Matter More To Those You Love Most

How to matter

Do I matter? That’s a big question. The simple way to matter more to the ones you love most is to add value to their life by living in your God given strengths, gifts, and ability. Do I matter? You may have had a difficult time believing that you could accomplish anything good growing up. […]

How To Supercharge Your Dream With Passion


The difference between having a dream and reaching your dream is passion. Passion may not solve all the problems there are in relation to making your dream come true. I know that passion alone may not make everything work. But passion is definitely the hot wire of your dream. Without it you can kiss your […]

What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Dreams, Purpose, Potential

Someday your going to die. No one wants to think about it; but it’s true. We don’t live forever. If you have a dream this is one of the most important things for you to remember. Chances are you’re worried about living out your dream. How is it going to feel one day when God […]