002 – How To Recognize Your Purpose

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This is the You Can Live With Purpose Podcast.

I’m your host Larry Shankle. I am a lead pastor in the local church and I’ve been in ministry for nearly 20 years. More than anything, I believe that God has a great purpose for your life. Spreading the message of purpose is what God has called me to do.

In fact, this message of purpose goes much deeper than simple belief. I’ve truly experienced it through living out my calling to serve Christ in the church, and as an adoptive father with two amazing boys. My wife Amanda and I have been married for nearly 18 years; and I really do feel so blessed to have the family that God has given me.

Through the episodes of this podcast we will have an ongoing conversation about topics such as:

  • Your purpose
  • Your vision
  • Your mission
  • Your dream
  • Your faith
  • Your family

The thing is, God is interested in blessing you in every area of your life. Your God ordained purpose will propel you forward in life if you harness it and live it.

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  • The Scripture for life – God’s Word that builds up your life and encourages you to do more, be more, and live more fully.
  • The tool tip of the week – I have a powerful book suggestion that will strengthen your leadership potential.
  • Feature presentation – We’ll be discussing how to recognize your purpose.
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Do you want to live a life that produces real results? Something satisfying and fulfilling…I believe a life like that is the goal of most people. Fortunately for us, scripture gives the recipe for such a life. That’s what we are going to find out today through our scripture for life.

John 15:1-5 NLTse

1 “I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener.

2 He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.

3 You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you.

4 Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.

5 “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.

  • Jesus is the vine that we need to be plugged into.
  • The Father is the one that cares for the “garden” that is your life.
  • God the Father expects us to produce something good with the life that we’ve been given.
  • He desires spiritual fruit from us.
  • If we aren’t producing…or even if we are, eventually we will get pruned.
  • The message of Jesus is the pruning device. It cuts away the things that hinder our spiritual growth and progress.
  • What’s the secret to produce much fruit? Remain, stay connected to Jesus. To disconnect from Him is like a branch pulling itself from the vine. The nutrients instantly begin to dry up. The resources that propelled you forward into growth are gone. So then you cannot be fruitful when you are apart from Jesus.
  • If you stay connected to Christ the result is a life of much fruit.
  • Apart from Jesus Christ, scripture says you can simply do nothing…nothing fruitful…nothing with lasting fruit.


Did you know that you are a leader? Truth is, we all are. Why? Because leadership is influence; everyone influences someone. Whether it’s only in the context of your immediate family, or if you have a platform of influence that’s deep and wide, you truly do lead people. Since that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense to become the best leader you can be? I think so. Today’s tool tip of the week is a book designed to help you do just that. 

Titled – Axiom – Powerful Leadership Proverbs

Authored by – Bill Hybels

I’ve read this book personally and continue to use it as a resource in my leadership. Leaders constantly run into sticky situations, places where wisdom is necessary, and circumstances that require a quick decision. Having a resource that speaks into some of those leadership points is a must. Why not learn from someone who has been there? I’ve found that experience doesn’t have to be your best teacher. The reason for this is simple…Someone else’s experience can be a better teacher!


How do you recognize your purpose? If God has planned out a life for you that fulfills your needs and makes your dreams become reality, then surely you want to recognize the purpose that makes that life possible. Well I have a few points for you to think about concerning this. It really isn’t that hard to figure out how to see and understand what might be a purpose in your life. Also, to be clear…I believe that usually we have what I call a THEME in our life. This could be understood as the overall purpose of your life. Underneath this theme our purpose is usually evolving. There may be several purposes in your life at any given moment that are somehow connected to the overall theme of your life. But no matter which type of purpose you’re talking about, recognizing it is essentially the same.

  1. Makes you passionate
    • Stay awake
    • Always thinking
  2. You enjoy it
  3. You are good at it
  4. It has a gravitational pull
    • From deep within you know it
    • It us inescapable
    • Your life starts to form around it
    • You sense God has given you this purpose
  5. There is a distinct call on your life
  6. A mission begins to form in your mind
  7. You desperately desire to Serve others through your purpose
    • Purpose is never just about you
    • It works itself out through service

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Thanks for joining me today on the show…remember, you have a purpose and you can live it!



How To Supercharge Your Dream With Passion


The difference between having a dream and reaching your dream is passion.

Passion may not solve all the problems there are in relation to making your dream come true. I know that passion alone may not make everything work. But passion is definitely the hot wire of your dream. Without it you can kiss your dream goodbye.

No one without passion will ever successfully get ahold of their dream. So here’s the question…What are you passionate about? There’s something that drives you. That’s what passion does for us. It drives us. Passion pushes you forward. It compels you. It propels you.

What is it that does that for you? When you figure it out, you’ve found your passion. Once you find your passion you are at a good starting place to begin chasing your dream.

Passion does several things for us:

  1. It keeps us awake at night.
  2. It keeps us motivated when we might otherwise give up.
  3. It keeps our thoughts filled with ideas and possibility.
  4. It keeps us excited about tomorrow.

You are going to need all of those things and more if you are going to see your dream come true. I know that is what you want. So passion has got to be discovered and stoked. It’s like a fire. You have to stir up your passion every once in awhile or it begins to die out.

Building my home taught me a lot about passion.

I remember several years ago when my wife and I were just about to start building our house. It was a crazy time. We had never built a house before; but we really wanted to have something to call our own. I remember sitting down on the couch with my dad and going over house plans. The excitement was a feeling I’ll never forget.

A few months after those initial meetings, my wife and I went to the bank and got started on our loan. To this day I can recall how I felt when they called me to say, “you’re approved!”. It was a great day. Not long after that the real need for passion came. See, we had been renting a house for over five years. To be able to start building and make the payments we needed to make, meant we had to move out of our rent house. So we did. My in laws were kind enough to let us stay with them for what was supposed to be about three months.

Three months eventually turned into nine months! Much longer than we had originally anticipated. During that nine months, the thing that kept us going was the dream of having our home. Passion made me want to pursue my dream.

I didn’t know how to contract the building of a home; but I learned because of passion. I really didn’t know the first thing about actually doing any of the work myself; But I did it. My dad purchased a hammer for me on my birthday; and I used that hammer daily for nine months. Passion kept me awake at night thinking of ways to accomplish tasks that I had never undertaken before. Passion motivated me to get up on days that I might otherwise had given up. Passion filled my mind with possibilities. Passion kept me excited about tomorrow.

What keeps you awake at night? Is there something that makes it hard for you to go to sleep? If there is, it just might be your passion. When I first began pastoring my church I couldn’t sleep. My mind was alive with ideas. How could I reach more people? What was the best way to speak? Did God want us to do this or that? I would lie awake for hours just thinking. When it became too much for me, I would get up and go into the living room and write. There were entire notebooks that eventually became filled with ideas that passion drove me to dream about.

You were wired by God with something to be passionate about. Your passion is connected to your purpose. Remember, God created you with a purpose. He has wired you to fulfill that purpose. The fact is, no one can live out the purpose you were created for except you. The amazing thing about it is that your purpose is the bucket that holds your dream. Your dream is an extension of your purpose. Maybe you’ve never taken the time to investigate it fully. Maybe for you, your passion is food, or sports, or playing an instrument. Your passion might be collecting something or learning a new skill. The thing is, passion is a major contributor to your dream. So lean in to your passions.

For the longest time, I had a dream of being a writer. But discouragement kept me back from it. Once I gave in to my passions and started to explore them, through this blog…I haven’t been able to stop. You’ll be the same way. Your passion will drive you.

The difference between having a dream and reaching your dream is passion.

If you want to flip the switch and activate your dream, you are going to have to find your passion. It’s there. If you know the purpose you were created for you are already a good way down the road to reaching your dream. But here’s the thing…Only you can really answer the question “what am I passionate about”.

Why not take the time to explore the things that could be the passion of your life? Those things might just propel you into living the life you have dreamed of living.

Answer these questions for yourself:

  1. What keeps you awake at night?
  2. Is there something that keeps you motivated when it would be easier to give up?
  3. Do you seem to be an idea person, always thinking of new ideas? Write down two of them.
  4. Are you excited when you think about the possibilities of your future? Write down what you think your future would look like if you had the chance to live out what you are passionate about.

There’s a dream inside you just waiting to be supercharged by your passion. Why not start living it today? I really hope you will!

Have a great day and remember to share this post with someone who needs it…they will appreciate the encouragement.