How To Deal With Obscurity In Two Steps


If I’ve learned anything up to this point in my life, these two things would be at the top of the list:

  1. Everything is a spiritual matter.
  2. Everything falls under the law of sowing and reaping.

Even if you don’t believe the bible like I do…you can’t help but believe down deep that your actions carry a deeper meaning. You believe your experiences were meant to teach you something. They train you for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. At least I believe you probably want to believe those things.

Nearly every person I’ve ever known subscribes to some sort of “what goes around comes around” theory.

I believe there’s a reason for this…

You don’t want to live a life of obscurity. 

In other words, you don’t want to live a life that doesn’t matter. You want to matter. You want your experiences to matter. You want your actions to matter. You want to wake up one day and realize that after all you’ve been through there was a rhyme and reason to it all.

We all want that. No one wants to live a life of obscurity…I believe you want a life that matters.

Some of you reading this post may think that by using the word, obscurity, that I’m referring to the desire to live a life of fortune and fame. That if a person could only overcome the obscurity of their position in life…fortune and fame would find them.

That’s not the type of obscurity that I’m talking about.

I’m talking about wanting to deal with the obscurity that you feel when you toil in your prayers…perhaps for years. All the while you feel like God isn’t listening or maybe worse…doesn’t care.

I’m talking about the feeling of obscurity you may feel in your job, or obscurity in reaching your dream, even obscurity in living out your passion.

Maybe you’ve tried to make things work out for you…all to no avail. In those moments a person can feel pretty obscure.

My mind goes back to a time a couple of years ago before my wife and I were able to adopt our boys. We had prayed and prayed for God to give us children. But He didn’t. We saw countless people seem to have their prayers about the same issue answered with relative ease.

There were times when both of us felt as if God didn’t care about our feelings…at least in this one area of life. Bottomline…we felt like we were living in obscurity.

In the middle of all that frustration here’s what we did.

  • We realized that everything and I really mean everything in life is a spiritual matter. That somehow this was God’s plan for us…our lives were different. The struggles that we were a part of were spiritual problems with spiritual solutions.
  • We also continued to sow the best spiritual seeds we knew how. Given the confusion, anger, and turmoil that we sometimes felt…we still tried to sow good things every time we could. This wasn’t always easy…but it was always necessary.

It paid off too. God allowed us to adopt two awesome, amazing boys…who are making noise in the background right now as I write this post. They are so much like us it’s uncanny. We can’t imagine life without them. We can’t remember life without them. In all ways they are ours.

So…Maybe you’re in the middle of a situation right now that makes you feel pretty obscure. I can relate. But I can also give you at least one piece of advice. Here it is…continue to sow.

Here’s how to deal with obscurity in the area of your dreams, your prayers, and your desires:

1.) Don’t just believe more, or pray more…sow more.

Here’s what that may mean in your situation…

When you see someone else’s dream come true. Be happy for them. Tell them you’re happy for them. Celebrate with them. Congratulate them. You’re sowing a good spiritual seed when you do that.

If you have a friend whose prayer is answered when yours seems to fall back to the ground…Be thankful with them. Give God praise with them. Be kind to them and appreciate the fact that God still works.

When your desires fall behind. When they aren’t met. When it seems like they don’t matter. Continue to sow towards them.

Here’s the promise. Eventually all that sowing will pay off. Eventually we always reap what we sow.

Galatians 6:9

9 So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

For years I’ve believed and anchored to this scripture. I’ve also seen it’s reality in my own life and family.

2.) Treat every situation as a spiritual thing that will eventually bring growth in your life.

There are no boxes in our life. No compartments. No things that are categorized as spiritual and non-spiritual. Why? Because humans are spiritual beings. I realize some people take offense to statements like that. They have to believe what they want to believe. As for me…I’ve seen the proof that everything works together for God’s greater purposes in my life.

Do your dead level best to view your current reality as a necessary step towards what is to come. It’s spiritual. God can and will help you. Check out another post here for even more help if your going through a difficult time.

I truly hope that something written in this post will encourage and help you. That’s my goal with every post. Raising, building, and encouraging people is what I feel called to do.

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Have a great day!