2 Ways To Overcome Emotional Walls And Past Hurts

Don't let your hurts define your leadership

emotional walls

You’ve probably had people who hurt you before. It seems like life is full of hurts and pains. Sometimes bad things happen to us at the hands of people we thought were our friends or people we thought we could trust. Life is built from a collection of hurts that we’ve experienced over time. I […]

One Habit That Will Immediately Improve Your Relationships

How the art of being a lid lifter can change your life

How to become a lid lifter

So yesterday I was unloading supplies at our church, and something caught my attention. It was a little sticker on top of a chili can, and it made me stop and think. As soon as I saw the sticker, I knew God was reminding me of something, and I decided to blog about it. Here’s […]

How to be a strong leader by putting others first

The power of celebration

Celebrating wins

When most people think about leadership, one of the first things that comes to mind is competition. The feeling of being better than everyone else can be addicting. In fact, you’ve probably been the victim of misdirected competition. In and of itself, competition is not a bad thing. It helps you to overcome obstacles and […]

How to transform your leadership with one neglected action

The power of reading in a leader's life

Leaders are readers. This is a very popular statement in many circles and with some audiences; and to be clear, I believe it’s true. But… Not all readers are leaders. Even among those who hold a position of leadership in some organization, in many cases, the leader reads simply to say they have read. I have […]

How to lead others in a way that helps their hurts and makes their life better

Part 3 in a blog series about leading with kindness

Leading with empathy

Connect to others through empathy. People just want to be understood When is the last time you experienced hurt or pain? Was it during the midst of a struggle emotionally? Did you have all of the answers? Probably not. Most likely, you wished that someone was able to see deep inside of your heart and […]