Leadership is hard + 6 more secrets leaders won’t admit

Learn The Real Truth About Serving In Leadership


Leadership is hard. Really hard. You read that right. Though there are incentives to lead and often perks that go along with influence, it doesn’t make being a leader any less challenging. Leadership and the influence it carries has a way of isolating those who use it to serve. Many who serve in positions of […]

How to be a strong leader by putting others first

The power of celebration

Celebrating wins

When most people think about leadership, one of the first things that comes to mind is competition. The feeling of being better than everyone else can be addicting. In fact, you’ve probably been the victim of misdirected competition. In and of itself, competition is not a bad thing. It helps you to overcome obstacles and […]

Why your influence is lagging and how to increase it by 4x

Part 1 in a blog series about leading with kindness

the power of kindness No. 1

Kindness is powerful. When is the last time someone was kind to you? I don’t mean just saying, “hello”, or giving a smile in passing. When is the last time someone was truly kind to you on purpose? This is an important question, one that deserves a real answer. Why? Because kindness is powerful. It […]