3 Steps To Overcome Doubt

Everyone doubts. Everyone. At some point in life you’re going to be caught in a situation where you doubt. You may doubt your faith. Some people doubt God’s existence. Others doubt whether or not God loves them or if He’s able to help them in their day to day life.

This is one of the big intersections that we face in our spiritual life. The intersection between faith and doubt. If you’re going to overcome your doubt, live by faith, and see God do amazing things in your life…you have to know something about intersections.

Intersections are places where collision is likely to occur. If you ignore the signs around you, get ready to collide. It’s that simple.

Our spiritual intersections are also places of decision. We make choices at an intersection about which way to turn…right or left.

When it comes to the intersection of faith and doubt…you have to understand that doubt is the enemy. It tries to stop your faith. Doubt tries to stop the work of God in your life. Doubt hinders your prayers. And doubt can even corrupt your future if you’re not careful.

But here’s the deal…you don’t have to live by doubt.

Doubt doesn’t decide your direction…you do.

You can conquer doubt, live by faith, and live up to God’s potential in your life.

To overcome doubt…do these things:

1.) Tell God about your doubt.

In no uncertain terms…Talk to God about your doubt. Start a conversation with Him. Expose to Him, all of the places where you have doubts. Maybe you doubt God’s existence…I believe that He can prove Himself to you if given the chance. It could be that you’re having a difficult time believing God is going to come through for you…Let Him know. Ask God to help your unbelief. It’s amazing how doors seem to open up for us when we give God a chance to work in an area of doubt.

2.) Start stepping in the direction of your prayers.

Simply put…start acting in faith. Let something other than doubt produce your actions. Allow  your actions to line up with what you’re praying about. If you need God’s help in your business, your family, your finances or anything else…do the hard things that you need to do…do the the wise things in your situation…but base your actions on the belief that God is about to come through for you.

3.) Take a step of faith.

One of the surest ways I know to overcome doubt is to actually take a step of faith in some area of your life. It’s hard, believe me I know…but steps of faith push us. They cause our faith to grow. In fact, overcoming doubt in your life is similar to overcoming fear. Remember when you were a kid and you were afraid of the dark? Really the only way to overcome something like that is to face your fears. It’s the same with doubt. Taking a step of faith, in the face of doubt is just like overcoming your fears by facing them.

There you have it…three ways to overcome doubt. If you put them into practice they really do work! I’ve taken my own medicine on this one multiple times and it always helps my faith to build, grow, and overcome the doubts I face.

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