How To Matter More To Those You Love Most

How to matter

Do I matter? That’s a big question. The simple way to matter more to the ones you love most is to add value to their life by living in your God given strengths, gifts, and ability.

Do I matter?

You may have had a difficult time believing that you could accomplish anything good growing up. That used to be me. I believed that for the longest time. “Do I matter?” is a question that you need an answer for. It’s easy to believe the lie that you don’t matter. The truth is, you matter way more than you think. But here’s the deal, you are either going to believe you don’t have any good qualities, or you have to believe that God has gifted you with good qualities. There really is no in between.

When it comes to understanding who you are and your unique set of wiring, you need to realize that you are gifted to do something well. Many people shy away from thinking things like that, me included. To be honest, it’s really hard to write about.

It’s not prideful to feel like you are gifted to do something well. Being humble also doesn’t involve denying that you are good at anything. The simple truth is that you were born with a God given purpose. From the moment you came into this world, God had a unique plan for your life. There are those that reject this idea. The reason they reject it, I believe, is that they just haven’t found God’s plan for them yet.

You are gifted

You were given spiritual gifts to impact the world you live in. You were given a service gift to help the people around you. Finally, you have personality gifts that make you who you are. The thing is, the world is an interconnected place. Your life touches more people than you’ll ever realize. God designed it this way. If you are a Christian, then you probably already know that God considers you part of the body of Christ with a special role to play.

Your gifts, abilities, talents, the things you are good at, your personality, and even spiritual gifts are all meant to help you live in your purpose. Ultimately living in your purpose causes you to live your dream, because your dream and your purpose are connected.

So, what are you gifted to do? What is it that you are good at that makes a contribution to the people around you? Often we think highly of up front talent and ability. But I believe some of the most talented and powerful people are those that use their gifts and abilities in places that aren’t as open to the public view.

The book of Romans, in the Bible speaks about the gift of serving others. Have you ever been served by someone? Has anyone ever taken time out of their schedule to serve you in some way, not looking for recognition? Maybe you have this gift. Are you great at making other people feel better about themselves? Don’t discount a gift like that because it is vital. This same passage tells us about the gifts of being an encourager, and a generous person. Then it jumps to speaking about the gift of leadership, something very up front and public.

The bottom line is this…God has given you gifts to do certain things well. Those gifts are meant to help you live your purpose and fulfill your dream. Your personality is what makes you, you. It doesn’t need to change or be altered because it’s who you really are.

One important key to understanding your unique wiring is to find out what your gifts, talents, and strengths are. You are good at something; and the reason you’re good at it is that God created you to be good at it. To live in your dream, to reach it, to fulfill it is going to require some searching of who you really are. You are going to need to figure out what you are uniquely gifted to do. One of the easiest ways to begin this process is by taking a strengths test. The Gallup organization offers several different tests that can help you understand what your individual strengths are.

Sir William Osler who was one of the founding physicians of Johns Hopkins Hospital said.

“We are here to add what we can to, not get what we can from life”.

Your strengths, gifts, and abilities help you give something back to the world. It would seem that living your dream is all about you; but what you get from your dream is only part of the story. Your dream, when you live it, will touch the lives of those closest to you. In some cases, living in your dream will impact people around the world. “Do I matter?”…Yes you matter!

How to matter

One of the greatest fears you have to overcome in life is the fear of being good at nothing. Why? Because we want to count for something. People desire to be needed and to feel like their life is making a difference. The great lie is to believe that you don’t matter. In believing that lie you are discounting all the planning God has done for your life. To believe that you don’t matter is to look the grace of God in the face and turn away from it. The simple fact is, you do matter. If you want to better understand what your strengths, gifts, and abilities are, look at your life from the perspective of what you are able to do for others. In doing something for others, your life becomes more valuable because you are adding value to other people.


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