BP:02 – To gain more clarity, take a step back


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Today I was reminded of something I’ve known for a long time, yet I often seem to forget.

In life, there are times when confusion, stress, and struggle seem to overwhelm our thinking ability. It seems like all the mental processes we’ve tried hard to develop aren’t working in sync.

Decisions become hard tasks to undertake, because the clarity we so desperately need to make them has vanished.

  Clarity gets replaced by: Wrong ideas Wrong information Wrong assumptions Wrong mindsets It is a list which could go on and on; but you get the picture. Scripture says openly that, God is not the author of confusion; but of peace. So when confusion seems to reign, what is a person supposed to do? To get to the answer, try this… Look at your hands. Specifically, look at your fingerprints. Notice how they are all somewhat different and unique? God made them that way. He made you unique. Now, bring your hands all the way up to your face.   What you notice first is your fingerprints beginning to get blurry. They start to go out of focus. You could say that the clarity vanishes. What was easy to see from a slight distance becomes first blurry, then indistinguishable, finally black, as your hands completely cover your eyes.

So what is the solution to gaining clarity? It is as simple as pulling your hands away from your eyes. To gain more clarity, you have to take a step back. Being too close to your situation is like trying to look at a mountain from five feet away…all you see is rocks. To see the beauty of the mountain in full clarity requires that you remove yourself from it; and put distance between you and the mountain. When you are so emotionally tied to the stress (actually stress is a result of the desire to control the outcomes in your life), it’s hard to see with clarity. You are to close to see clearly. When you are so close to the problem, you’ll never have the clarity you need to see the solution. The answer is found in taking a step back.

3 Power Questions:

  1. In what ways could you take a step back from your current situation in order to gain clarity?
  2. What areas of control would you have to let go of to take a step back for clarity’s sake?
  3. Are you willing to take a step back? If not, don’t expect to see the answer you long for.

 Today’s Prayer:

Lord, help me to see the areas of my life in which I need to take a step back.

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