Strong Faith: The key to loving your life

A Growing List Of Articles On How To Grow Your Faith

A key element to grow your faith is through strengthening it. Building strong faith will propel your life forward and help you encounter God in new and powerful ways.

God is for you. He has a plan for your life. It should come as no surprise that His desire is to build and grow a strong faith in your heart. A faith that will overcome problems, see prayers answered, walk through the problems and difficulties of life, while still maintaining your belief in the ability of God, is exactly the sort of faith God wants to produce in your life.

The growing list of articles and posts on this page will help you build a strong faith; one that is resilient and stands the test of time and circumstance.

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  1. How to trust God’s plan for your life
  2. Four elements of BIG prayers and the potential of them
  3. 5 Good reasons to keep going when you feel like quitting
  4. Why seeking God is important
  5. Giving up on your dream: 25 questions to ask before you do
  6. Perfectionist: quit trying to be perfect
  7. Spiritual Warfare: how to fight and win
  8. The Serenity Prayer: Use it to unlock faith’s best kept secret
  9. Push your faith: 5 powerful benefits of active faith
  10. How to keep failure from ruining your life
  11. How to improve your goal setting and increase your faith
  12. How to be confident of your choices in 2017 and beyond
  13. Find out how 3 simple actions will improve your prayers
  14. How to change your life by your declaration
  15. How to not regret your decisions and be happier in life
  16. 3 powerful secrets you can learn from bowhunting
  17. 3 Steps to overcome doubt
  18. 4 keys to changing your life’s direction at the right time
  19. Trust God even when it doesn’t make sense
  20. The real secret of faith is found by doing one thing
  21. Have you hijacked your own potential?
  22. Apply this one action to help your prayers get answers
  23. The one word that proves you have faith
  24. One simple key to get more prayers answered and grow your faith
  25. The most important step of faith you will ever take
  26. How to use your prayers to change your circumstances
  27. How to get more prayers answered
  28. Don’t quit: how to know when not to quit
  29. Why you should guard your heart
  30. When people meet Jesus
  31. 3 steps to being in the right place at the right time


Other articles that will help grow your faith:

Author: Norman Vincent Peale

Growing your faith doesn’t have to hard or difficult.

In fact, it all starts with a simple prayer. When you choose to give your life completely to Jesus Christ, he comes in and begins to restore the areas that are broken down. God will use your faith in Christ to start your life on a brand new trajectory; one that is filled with purpose.

So don’t put off placing your faith in Jesus. Do it today.

Here’s how to start building strong faith:

  1. Admit your sin and wrongdoing to God.
  2. Ask Jesus to forgive your sin.
  3. Ask Jesus to be in control of your life from this point forward.
  4. Believe in your heart that you are now saved, changed, and part of God’s family.
  5. Confess (say) with your mouth that Jesus is Lord of your life.

That’s it…why not make the choice to allow God to restore your life and renew your purpose today by making Jesus your Lord? I pray you will!

By the way…I would love to hear your testimony as well! Why not share some of your story in the comments below?

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