Don’t Quit: How To Know When To Not Give Up

The Top 5 Times To Keep On Going In Life

Let’s face it…sometimes it would be much easier to quit.

At the very least, changing direction in life is an option that many people entertain on a daily basis. Things haven’t quite turned out like you’d hoped for. Maybe you’ve done your best to accomplish whatever you’re particular task is…all to no avail. It seems that nothing is working like its supposed to…sound familiar?

Sometimes there seems to be really valid reasons to quit or change directions in life. It could be that you have some of those good reasons right now. But hold on…Before you actually make the leap off the cliff…Before you close the door on your current situation with all of its problems and opportunities…Before you “burn your bridges”…WAIT!

Here’s why…There are at least five situations in which quitting is probably not the right answer. Now, you should know there are probably many more times when a person should not quit; but these five areas, or suggestions come from my own experience.

Here’s what you need to know…There have been times in my life…circumstances and situations…where I quit too soon. A word of caution…you will always regret quitting too soon!

With all that being said, let’s jump into the five situations where you probably shouldn’t quit…

1. When you are tired

When you are physically, emotionally, or mentally tired you are not running at one hundred percent. A person’s perception is often off when they are tired. Humans are prone to make rash decisions when they are tired. Being physically tired really does affect our ability to make the best decisions. Even more important is knowing not to make big decisions or quit when you are emotionally tired, physically, or mentally tired.

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2. When you are discouraged

If everything seems to be going wrong…and you are discouraged…it may not be the time to quit. Sometimes we simply go through seasons where life slams us with everything its got. Don’t take discouragement as a sign that you should give up on your dream, your task, your situation…or anything. Maybe you just need to wait. I’ve noticed that things seem to brighten as I open up and talk to other people. There are times when simply getting another perspective will encourage us. At any rate, discouragement is an emotion. We shouldn’t be emotionally driven on the big decisions in life…at least not entirely emotionally driven. If you quit once because of discouragement, you’ll quit every time you get discouraged.

3. When you are in transition

Transition can be a trying time. If you find your life or circumstances in the middle of a big transition…let it play out. Sometimes transitions are just what we need. In fact, some of the greatest things that have ever happened in my life are the result of God bringing much needed transition into an area of my life. God sets us up to succeed in the plans that He has prepared in advance for our life…out of necessity that will at times involve difficult transition. Don’t quit until you know what God wants.

4. When you feel pressure to quit

Here’s the deal…feeling pressure to quit may be a sure sign that you are going in the right direction and that you shouldn’t quit. Quitting under pressure is easy. The aftermath of that rash decision can be devastating. Since I am a Christian, I evaluate things based on my faith. I believe that if you are going in the right direction, there’s probably going to be a target on your back. Life, situations, people, and spiritually speaking…the devil…doesn’t want you to succeed. Why does it surprise us when life puts on the pressure to quit? That pressure could be the result of you feeling unprepared or underprepared. It could come from the fact that you’re about to go into new, unexplored territory in your life. But by all means…don’t quit just because the pressure is on…I can promise you, you’ll regret it later.

5. When you’ve made decision that you regret

Ok…so maybe you’ve recently made a decision and things didn’t work out so good…maybe you regret that decision. Here’s the deal…the decision has already been made. You can’t go back in time and change it. But you don’t have to give up because of failure either! Remember the easiest thing to do is give up and quit…it’s an emotional high that lasts for a few hours to a day at best. Then the reality of quitting sets in. Instead of quitting after a failure, take that time to recalibrate. Get things in line. Take the next best step. You may not know how everything is going to work out; but simply make your next step…your next decision…the right one.

There’s probably many more times when a person shouldn’t quit. These five have come from my own experience with quitting…something I don’t want to repeat!

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