Never Fear Launching Into Your Authentic Purpose

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Are you truly happy with what you’re doing today? That’s the big question. Are you living in your authentic purpose? Here’s the deal…you can  be happy in your life. God intends for you to be happy. You can live your authentic purpose.

God created you with authentic purpose and He wants you to live in it.

It should come as no surprise that fear holds you back from being happy while living out your authentic purpose in life.

People are plagued by fear everyday and don’t even recognize it as fear. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t do that”…or if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m not good enough to accomplish ________”…then you may be allowing fear to rule your mind. All the while you believe your being humble.

Have you considered the option that the reason you’re afraid of something might be that it’s your purpose from God?

Now…I know that the Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear. I get that. But anytime you consider the possibility of performing in the area of your purpose, on your own, there is going to be fear present. Rightfully so. You cannot live your authentic purpose from God under your own power or ability. It’s takes faith…believing in God’s help to actually live out the purpose you were created for.

At my senior prom we had these things called senior prophecies. Someone from the eleventh grade would write down a “prophecy” about every graduating senior and read it aloud in front of the entire group. When it came time for mine, the prophecy said I would be a preacher and a pastor one day. I just about fell out of my seat.

Although I was a christian at the time, I completely rejected the idea of preaching or pastoring a church. Those two things scared the life out of me.

Truth be told, for several years I had already been feeling a gentle nudge in the direction of preaching and pastoring. Here’s the thing…I was an introvert…still am really. The idea of speaking in front of people or leading anything made me sick to my stomach.

I was angry at that little senior prophecy. It was meant for fun. People laughed. I laughed. But inside I was angry that someone could possibly mention something that was already a touchy subject with me.

Thing is…as I look back I can see many times where this speaking thing was clearly in my future. There were opportunities that came to me to speak. There were leadership opportunities even; but I certainly wasn’t looking for these.

My fear caused my authentic purpose to appear false.

Are you denying your authentic purpose because you fear it? I believe many people miss their authentic purpose because they’re afraid of it.

Here’s the deal…under your own power you have the full right to be afraid. You were never meant to live your purpose on your own, without God’s empowerment. But with God…You can do all things. That includes living a happy life in the authentic purpose you were designed to live.

If you set aside your purpose because you’re afraid of it…you’ll also set aside the happiness, contentment, and peace that come along with living out a God inspired purpose.

Here’s what to do:

1.) Ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of this?”

Not once did I do this. It never crossed my mind that the reason I was afraid of speaking in public or leading was the fact that God had called me to it. These things were my authentic purpose. If I would have been honest with myself it certainly could have propelled my life forward faster into a place of purpose.

If you find yourself afraid of something, why not ask yourself why? God has not given you a spirit of fear. Are you afraid because it’s something big that you know you could never do on your own? If that’s the reason…it just might be your purpose.

2.) Overcome the reasons you have to not try it.

Every once in awhile you have to “man up” a little. Realize that if God is for you, who or what can be against you. Realize that with God all things are possible.

When I was a kid I hated taking medicine. (I still don’t like it much) I remember one certain liquid medication that tasted horrible. It ruined me. From that time on I assumed that every medicine was just like that one. To me there seemed to be a big reason to not try the medicine. Over the years you come to understand that the medicine is good for you.

Your purpose is good for you too. From the outside it might look like you have all the reason in the world to fear. But I encourage you to overcome that mindset and step into something that you could never do on your own.

3.) When an opportunity is presented to you, take it.

Is it really a coincidence that you’ve been presented an opportunity to do something you’re terrified of doing? Is it just happenstance that people are telling you, “you’d be great at this!” Do you secretly feel a nudge inside when you think about doing what you’re afraid of doing?

When you get the opportunity…step up and take it. Give it a try. You may not be the world’s greatest whatever…but you also just may find that one thing that God created you to do.

God has great purpose stored up inside every human being. You are no exception.

Please share this post with someone who needs a little nudge to overcome their fear. I bet you know someone right now who could use a positive word spoken into their life. You be the one to share it!



Larry Shankle is a pastor, author, and blogger. He helps people get clarity and direction in their calling, purpose, dreams, and leadership.

Larry and his wife (Amanda) live in the Arkansas river valley with their two boys (Braxton and Dawson). He has spent almost two decades in active local church ministry serving in multiple leadership roles. Larry has spent the last six and a half years serving as Lead Pastor of GrandviewChurch in Natural Dam, AR.

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