How to change your life by your declaration

The 25 Daily Declarations That Can Change Your Life

Declarations to grow your faith
We all have moments in our life when things don’t go as planned.
When you least expect it, things can get tough to deal with. Sometimes you don’t know what to do.
We question ourselves:
    • What do I pray for in this situation?
    • What should I say?
    • How do I keep my faith and confidence up?

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Over the years I’ve heard so many different ideas about what to do, and frankly, many of them just didn’t work for me. I’ve tried to have a specific daily prayer time; but, if you’re like me, your schedule gets changed at a moments notice and what you planned just doesn’t seem to work out.

Do I pray? Sure I do…But sometimes the quality time I really want has to be boiled down into quality, POWERFUL time.
In those moments when I have to make the most of your time with God, I’ve began using something that helps me tremendously.
Really, it isn’t something new.
I’ve heard about doing it before; I just never had the time to put together a tool that would help me be consistent.

What I’m talking about is the power of your DECLARATION.

A declaration is something that you say.
Most folks that I’ve heard talking about the power of declaration seem to say that they use the bible as a magical charm, so to speak, and that by their simple “talking” they can change their life.
Let me be clear: The Bible does say that life and death are in the power of YOUR tongue. 
What you say is powerful
But I believe there is much more to DECLARING than just talking.
When I started searching the Bible for the promises of God to declare, I needed something to help me pray.
Praying out my declarations has become a brand new way of life for me. When I declare the truth of God’s word, and then pray about those things that I’m declaring, I can literally feel the presence of God and I know deep down inside that God is helping me.
[clickToTweet tweet=”Life and death are in the power of YOUR tongue.” quote=”Life and death are in the power of YOUR tongue.”]So when you couple your declaration of God’s word with prayer, a powerful mix takes place.
With your mouth, you are speaking life, and with your prayer you are asking God for help according to His promises, which we already know ARE His will.
[clickToTweet tweet=”And God always answers prayer that is in line with His will. ” quote=”And God always answers prayer that is in line with His will. “]I’ve put together a resource for you.
It’ a simple tool that will save you some time as you begin your own journey of declaring the words of God over your life.
In the PDF I’ve listed 25 declarations that I actually use, along with the scriptures that they are derived from. These cover multiple areas of life. You can use these declarations as a starting point to help you speak the power of God’s word over your life and pray God’s word into your heart.
The thing is, the more you speak and pray God’s word, the more it gets into your heart.
What gets into your heart affects your faith, confidence, and actions.
So this idea of declaring God’s word over your life and praying it has great potential to transform your life in so many ways.
Now, certainly, you will find more scripture that you want to declare over your life…scripture that fits your unique situations; but until you do, these 25 declarations are a great place to start.
Honestly, one of my goals is to provide tools that will actually help people. So I’m trying to do that by offering you something that has helped me tremendously in my own spiritual journey.

I believe that God has great plans for your life; and the more you declare God’s word over yourself and pray the scriptures, the closer you’ll get to realizing God’s amazing plan.

Won’t you join me in DECLARING Good things over your life and into your situations?
Get the PDF guide today and let God’s word begin changing your circumstances, your outlook, and your life.

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