Simple Leadership: 5 Great Ways to bring simplicity to your leadership

A post for Pastors and Church Leaders

Leadership is notoriously complex. It would be nice if simple leadership was within our grasp. We wrestle with problems, issues, and sometimes people. Not to mention that leaders need to point a clear direction on subjects like vision, mission, and values. Faith based leadership isn’t any easier either. Pastors struggle to lead their churches under […]

Leadership is hard + 6 more secrets leaders won’t admit

Learn The Real Truth About Serving In Leadership

Leadership is hard. Really hard. You read that right. Though there are incentives to lead and often perks that go along with influence, it doesn’t make being a leader any less challenging. Leadership and the influence it carries has a way of isolating those who use it to serve. Many who serve in positions of […]

4 keys you need to unlock confidence and confirm your calling

Part 3 of a multi-part blog series about your life's calling

We all want to know we’ve not made a mistake. When you make a big step into something unknown, like your calling, you really want some confirmation to know whether or not you have done the right thing. The good news is, if you’ve stepped into your calling, confirmation will come. Why? Because it’s undeniable. […]

Four Limiting Beliefs You Should Stop Believing Immediately

Part 2 of a multi-part blog series about your life's calling

What I’m about to share next is arguably the most important few ideas related to your calling. Many would dismiss these ideas as the sort of “mushy” stuff related to your call. Really, I used to be one of those people. The emotional part of the call was something I didn’t like. Down deep I’m […]