3 Powerful Secrets You Can Learn From Bowhunting

You Can Challenge Your Faith To Grow


Hunting with a gun is one thing. Bowhunting is something entirely different. I realize this post may seem a little different from my usual posts…but this hobby of mine has a few secrets that will really help you in life. So I wanted to share them. Before I do, let me say this: God will help you with everything in your life. For these secrets to work best, you have to build your faith. The only real way to do that is through a personal relationship with Christ.

Romans 10:13 – For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

3 Powerful Secrets You Can Learn From Bowhunting:

Secret #1 – Patience is necessary to get what you want.

In life things don’t always come easy. You have to work at it if you want to accomplish anything of real, lasting value. Most often, anything good in life will involve having patience. I’ve really learned that lesson this year. During the times that I sat in a tree stand I learned…Patience is hard. No one really likes to have it.

You know why people would rather talk about being patient instead of practicing it? Because patience involves waiting. No one wants to wait. But often the best opportunities come from simply waiting. Other people jump on the quick or the easy thing. When you wait you get the chance to receive the best thing. Now…Go be patient.

Secret # 2 – Good things take a significant investment.

One thing that I’ve learned by watching other really successful hunters is they make a huge investment. Time, money, effort, waiting, learning, practicing…all of these things and more are required to be a great hunter.

It’s the same in our day to day life. You’re not going to get something good for free. If you want to see growth and positive things start to take hold in your life…invest in it. Yes, it may cost you time, money, effort, waiting, learning, or practicing…but in the end you’ll be glad that you made the investment in your life that you needed to make. The funny thing about investments is they eventually pay off. Now…Go invest.

Secret # 3 – When your opportunity comes, don’t miss it.

I had the opportunity to harvest a deer this year. It was a great experience to take it up close, with my bow. I don’t really see myself wanting to do it any other way.

Here’s what I realized in that moment:

  • You need to have the skills in place to take advantage of the opportunity. When your moment of opportunity comes, you can’t take the time to get ready. You need to be ready.
  • You can’t get shaky. Don’t let excitement, fear, the unknown, or anything else keep you from using the skills you’ve worked hard to put in place.
  • Take aim…Release your arrow. You can’t aim forever. At some point you have to release. What does that mean for you? You may have to actually take action. All the learning, investing, working, and waiting have all been for this one moment. So shoot when you have the chance. Now…Go get your opportunity.

There you go. 3 secrets that you can pick up from bowhunting, use them in your own life.

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The Three Reasons Why You Need A Purpose

Why was I born?

That’s one of the biggest, most challenging questions we will face in life. Many people won’t verbalize it…they won’t speak it out for fear of what others will think. Or simply because of the possibility that they really won’t discover the answer to this powerful question.

But…If you are a Christian, hopefully you believe that your existence was more than just happenstance or an accident. Hopefully you know that you were created by God with a great purpose. I believe our purpose answers the question, “why was I born?”.

A purpose does at least three things for us:

A purpose defines us

It points the way…makes the path clear…shows us who we are supposed to be.

You need that definition in your life because it settles you, calms you, and keeps you from running through life constantly searching for something that you never seem to find.

Have you ever known anyone like that?

I bet you have…maybe that statement has described you at some point in your life.

Purpose defines.

A Purpose directs us

It helps us to walk in the right direction for our life. If you seem to be drifting…maybe its time to seek more than the things of everyday life. Maybe its time to go after your purpose.

A Purpose helps us rise to more.

More of what? More than we could be on our own. A purpose from God makes us realize that our life counts. We become motivated. Ready to take on what life throws at us.

To start down the path of finding your purpose…
Here’s what you need to do:

change your outlook…realize that things might not be just as you thought.
open your heart to hope…God does have a purpose for your life. He wants you to find it more than you do.
don’t quit yet…quitting is easy, but it leaves no lasting rewards. Finding your purpose may take time and sticking to it; but it will change your life.

What about you, would you say you’re living in your purpose? Yes or no?

I’d love to hear your comment in the box below! Have a great day, and do it on purpose!