How To Lead Your Family To Grow Happier And Stronger

The Power Of Shepherding Your Family

Taking care of your family in our present day culture and context isn’t always easy. There are twists, turns, and decisions around every corner. You have to sort through a myriad of ideas and choose what’s best. But you love your family. You want to take care of them, so you do everything to do just that.

There is an idea that can help you take better care of your family. It is one that many people may not fully understand at first, but the more you think about it, I believe the clearer it will become.

In fact, this idea is one of the most powerful and essential ideas you can put into action as it relates to your family. What is it? Well…it involves making the decision to take on a different sort of role in your family. Making the choice to be more than a mom, dad, husband, or wife.

Taking on the role of a shepherd to your family sets you up to take better care of them than ever before. Plainly put, a shepherd is a pastor. You need to be a pastor to your family. In fact, if God has given you a family…you are the pastor to your own little flock whether you realize it or not. And this is an important and essential role.

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You may or may not be a religious person, either way, this idea is something that can help, promote, and encourage strength in your family. If you are someone who attends a church, you probably have an immediate image come to mind when you hear the word “pastor.”

Don’t allow this image to overshadow the idea that I’m presenting to you. Here’s what I mean…

I am a pastor. Not only to my family, but as my vocation. As a pastor, I certainly love it when families attend our church services, but, for far too long families have completely relegated their spiritual development to the church.

Obviously I’m pro-church, but I do not believe the church is the foundation of your family’s spiritual development…you are.

As a husband, wife, mom, or dad…married couple or single parent…YOU are the most influential person, God-ordained, essential element of the spiritual well-being in your family. They need you. They need you to be their pastor and shepherd them.

Your family exists because God placed you together, so it is important to take on the responsibility of leading them and shepherding them.

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Here are four ways to be a shepherd to your family.

(This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it does capture the high points about what you need to do to shepherd and pastor your family)

  1. A shepherd feeds the flock.

    • Shepherds are willing to take on the responsibility of their family’s spiritual development, even at a personal cost. In fact, there is always a personal cost. Someone who loves their family and wants the best for them will be willing to set their own needs to the side and pay the cost.
    • As a shepherd to your family, you must make the choice to plant good things into their life. Whatever you plant, you eventually harvest, so make the decision to plant unity, strength, love, care, compassion, and other good things into your family. Tear out the weeds of bitterness and strife.
  2. A shepherd guards their flock.

    • As a parent or a spouse, you need to be on guard about what is coming against your family. You are the prime line of defense, and you cannot delegate this position.
    • You must stay awake at the wheel and watch over what influences seek to undermine and harm your family.
    • All the while, you are building a hedge around your family by keeping them away from the negative influences of things that would try to injure them.
    • Now…as a sidebar note: Please understand that I certainly realize that God is the good shepherd and the also the ultimate one. But this fact does not abdicate our responsibility from us. There is always a role you play as well.
  3. A shepherd fights for their family.

    • Your main avenue of fighting is through prayer.
    • It’s OK that you don’t have all the answers, but don’t just accept your situation, pray about it.
    • Pray harder, bigger, and more than you’ve ever prayed.
    • Pray for your spouse.
    • Pray for your marriage.
    • Pray for yourself that you will make the right choices.
    • What you pray and say to God makes more impact than a thousand words you could say to someone else. God has the power to move mountains in your life.
  4. A shepherd loves, no matter what.

    • Your family needs to know how much you love them.
    • Even though you might not agree with all the choices your children or even your spouse make, let them know you love them.
    • Use your words, coupled with action.
    • Don’t push them away when things get rough, but draw closer as the tough times come.
    • Remember, there is nothing that can separate us from the love of Christ, so model that same sort of love in your own family.

Question: What are some other ways that you might take on the role of shepherd to your family?

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The single most valuable tool that I use literally daily is Evernote. Hands down you will not find a better tool to help you organize not only your life…but your ministry as well. I plan to go into some specifics about this powerful tool in future posts. In fact, Evernote can be used to enhance just about every area of your ministry if you let it…and we will look at ways that it can really benefit you in later posts…so you don’t want to miss out on that! In the mean time check it out at (by the way…Evernote is available in FREE or paid versions!)


This tool is still really new to me; but already it has simplified my sermon prep, and helped me to understand the Bible better. The draw back is that it’s pretty expensive. But if you have funds available to invest in your ministry…Logos is the way to go. Every version of the Bible and every commentary plus the other resources that come with your Logos package are all tightly interconnected. It’s like no Bible software you’ve ever used. I love it and I can’t say enough good about it. Check it out for yourself at


Not only am I the lead pastor at my church…I’m also the lead singer most of the time. In any case I plan the worship sets. So my time is split between many different “desks” so to speak. When time is limited and you need to plan worship…Onsong is for you. It is a digital songbook that can be used on iPad or iPhone. I use it on my iPad on the platform at church. Every song is editable and can be quickly (very quickly) transposed to any key. This tool alone will add so much value to anyone in your church who sings or plays, including you if that’s part of your job. To find out more about them go to the app store on your iPhone or iPad and check them out. This app isn’t very expensive and it’s well worth the few dollars you invest in it.


Everyone always questions me when I tell them that I use my iPhone to record our video announcements and big events at church. People don’t seem to believe that you can produce high quality video with a phone…but the secret is you can. More than likely you have an iPhone or have access to one. If you do…and video is part of your job description…this app is a must have. Unlike the native camera on your phone, Movie Pro gives you complete control over everything that has to do with your video. You can choose the frame rate, size, exposure, focal points and many other things that have to do with your video. The best thing is you don’t have to go out and purchase an HD video camera because chances are you already have one right in your pocket! Check this out in the app store on iPhone. It costs about five dollars and it’s well worth it.


If you’re shooting video…you need a great editing package to put it all together. This is it. I’ve been editing and producing video in church settings for nearly ten years and this is the best editing software I’ve ever used. It’s user friendly. It pairs great with your iPhone. Plus, it’s industry standard. Now…the hold back for some is the price. Final Cut comes in at about $300 and it only works on a Mac…but that is a much smaller investment than other software. If you can’t swing Final Cut…iMovie on Mac has many of the same features.

There you have it…my top five ministry tools that have literally saved me time, pressure, and have helped to build our church. I hope these can help you and your church as much as they’ve helped me and mine.

I’d love to hear your feed back…consider leaving a comment or question in the comments below.

and if this has been helpful to you, would you consider sharing it with someone else?