How To Lead Your Family To Grow Happier And Stronger

The Power Of Shepherding Your Family

Taking care of your family in our present day culture and context isn’t always easy. There are twists, turns, and decisions around every corner. You have to sort through a myriad of ideas and choose what’s best. But you love your family. You want to take care of them, so you do everything to do […]

If you are in or around my area of Arkansas…you are invited to attend a sermon series beginning in January and going weekly throughout the month. (Sundays)

Titled: Stop, Start, Stay, Go

The idea is at the start of a new year we all have things we need to stop, to start, areas we need to stay, and places where we need to “go” or make a move from.


Time: 10:45 a.m.
Event: Stop, Start, Stay, Go
Venue: GrandviewChurch Assembly of God
Location: 14542 North Hwy. 59
Natural Dam, AR 72948

A Short Message To My Church Family – Dec. 8, 2014

If you are a person who attends GrandviewChurch, I’m going to begin posting to you through short video or blog posts about things going on in our church. It’s simply a way for me to connect with you. I hope to do this at least monthly…but honestly, it will probably be a little more frequent than […]

The Five Most Valuable Tools Every Pastor Needs

I want to give you my top five tools that I use almost weekly (some daily) to accomplish what you need to get done if you are the pastor of a small to midsize church. This post isn’t going to be overly spiritual because things like prayer, studying scripture, and worshipping God should be something […]