Episode 003 – Being Devoted To Your Purpose

Helping You Achieve Clarity And Direction By Igniting God's Purpose In Your Life.


WELCOME –  I’m so glad you joined us today on the podcast… Here’s what we’re all about: Helping you achieve clarity and direction by igniting God’s purpose in your life, that’s the goal of this podcast. We want you to have clarity and direction so that you can live the life you were meant to […]

002 – How To Recognize Your Purpose

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This is the You Can Live With Purpose Podcast. I’m your host Larry Shankle. I am a lead pastor in the local church and I’ve been in ministry for nearly 20 years. More than anything, I believe that God has a great purpose for your life. Spreading the message of purpose is what God has […]

001 – Your Purpose Starts With God


Do you ever wonder, “why do I exist?”…”What is my purpose?” It’s the question that people have been trying to answer for generations. Sometimes we find some meaning to life…other times the road is packed with difficulty, fogginess, and a sense of misguided direction. Well, let me ask you this…Do you want all that to change? For […]