BP:04 – Be Productive

If you have ever rolled over three times to hit the ringing alarm clock…this goal is for you! Being productive involves actually doing something, which can be hard to actually do. Most people (sadly, me included) plan to do many things. In fact, your calendar is probably full at the moment with all sorts of […]

BP:02 – To gain more clarity, take a step back


Click Here to Subscribe to LEADERS GOAL Daily Devo Today I was reminded of something I’ve known for a long time, yet I often seem to forget. In life, there are times when confusion, stress, and struggle seem to overwhelm our thinking ability. It seems like all the mental processes we’ve tried hard to develop […]

BP:01 – Don’t be the lid on your own potential


You have a potential that is God-given The potential to be a great parent The potential to succeed in your purpose The potential to reach the outcomes in life that God desires you to reach The potential to become the spouse you were meant to be The potential to influence those closest to you for […]