The Intersection Between Culture And Family

Your Family Is A Great Piece Of Your Purpose, Don't Let Culture Destroy It.

Today’s topic is a little controversial possibly… The intersection between culture and family. There is an intersection…A place where culture and your family meet head to head. I believe culture’s aim is to go against the grain of your family. You may have never considered that your family is really a huge part of your […]

How To Not Be A Spiritually Passive Parent

Parents lose their spiritual influence with their children if they’re not careful…But you don’t have to. You love your kids. You probably wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t. But when it comes to leading their life in the right direction…you can’t afford to be passive. The single most powerful thing a parent can do is […]

He said, She said…an idea to stop divorce

“If you don’t stop treating me like this, I’m gone!”, he said. “You never put me or the kids first, I can’t keep living like this!”, she said. These kinds of conversations happen in marriages everywhere. Somewhere along the way, things get crossways between a husband and a wife and they argue. It seems the […]

Stop Feeding Me Trash

I love to eat food! Anybody else out there agree with me? Do you love food too? But here’s the deal…Because of some issues that we’ve had recently…Our family has made the decision to go gluten free. Now…We are doing this for our son. And it’s already making a difference, I’m glad to report. But that’s not […]

Why Marriage Takes TeamWork – 3 Ways To Make Teamwork Better

If you’ve ever felt like your marriage just isn’t working… Or that every decision you ever make is countered and shot down by your spouse…this post is for you! Marriage isn’t easy. There are relational things that we have to work on. There are the material things like money, a home, a car. Then there’s […]