5 Secrets That Will Help You Reach Your Dream And Why You Should

If you’ve ever had a burning passion to do something with your life…You’ve had a dream. Maybe you have a secret wish to change something about your life. That’s a dream. Do you have an idea that will change someone’s life? If you do then you have a dream, and you can reach your dream.

Whether they recognize it or not, most people have a dream. It’s something that they want out of life. The bad thing about having a dream is that most people never reach them. You’ve probably seen someone you know spend their entire life wanting to launch out and do what it is they feel compelled to do; but they never got to it.

This post contains 5 secrets to reaching your dream; but before we get to those I have to admit that there’s one thing that’s a deal breaker for any dream. To reach your dream you must do this one thing first. What is it?


You have to commit to your dream to reach your dream. It’s the real first step.

It seems like the word, commit, gets bad reviews. Maybe there’s a reason for that. Here’s what I think about it…

Everything and everyone wants a solid, strong commitment from you. They want it now. And their worthy cause is better than anyone else’s. Your time is stretched between family, church, work, school, career, activities and endless other possibilities. But here’s the deal…

It’s not possible to fully commit to everything.

By committing to everything, you are actually committing to nothing. You can’t do everything in life effectively at one time. There’s only so much of you to go around. And for sure…you’ll never reach your real dream by spreading pieces of yourself in all directions. To reach your dream is going to require commitment so be ready to give it.

Now…I promised you 5 secrets…and I’m just about to give them to you. Here’s the trick to them…They’re not just secrets to help you reach your dream. They’re actually secrets to help you commit to reaching your dream, because unless you do…it won’t happen for you. So here they are…

5 Secrets That Will Reach Your Dream Sooner Rather Than Later:

1.) Contribute to someone else’s dream.

There’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Until you can do it, you should help someone else do it. There’s nothing like pouring yourself into someone’s life for the sole purpose of helping them reach their dream.

You’ll never feel more important or make a greater impact than you will by helping someone else reach their dream. And here’s the deal…As you reach out to help someone else, I guarantee that in time, someone will reach out to help you with your dream.

This is a simple scriptural principle called sowing and reaping. You reap what you sow. So start sowing into someone’s life and help them toward something they can’t do on their own. Believe me, you’ll be rewarded and you’ll be planting seeds for your own help in the future.

2.) Keep working at it.

Ok…This may sound a little bit too simple…But the number one way to kill your dream is to quit. You’ll never reach it if you just give up.

If you aren’t committed enough to keep working at your dream, you won’t be committed enough to keep it if you get it.

Listen…It’s hard work to keep working at it. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never reach what you really want…But I can guarantee that you won’t reach it if you take yourself out of the game by quitting. But…If you won’t commit, you might as well quit.

3.) Expect setbacks…but expect to overcome them.

You have to remember this: If the dream you’re chasing is something you’re meant to do, you can overcome setbacks!

No one who ever reached a worthwhile dream did it without having a few setbacks.

Maybe your dream is to have a specific prayer answered. I know that’s been my dream at various stages in my life…And I saw plenty of setbacks before I reached the answer to my prayer. But the answer did come.

Your dream may be a new job, to have a family, to get a degree, or maybe you have the same dream that I do now…to be an author. Here’s what I know from experience…God has a way of pushing you past your setbacks when your eyes are focused in the right direction.

4.) Answer the question – “Why do I want it?”

Don’t miss this…it’s really important.

You need to understand and fully believe in the compelling reason behind your dream.

Having a strong “why” will keep you going in the tough times when it feels like nothing is happening. Having a strong “why” lends moral authority to you. You’re doing something for a higher purpose.

And the bottomline is this…If you don’t have a compelling enough reason to fully commit to your dream…you won’t.

5.) Keep your heart right.

Scripture says this:

Proverbs 4:23

23 Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Everything about your life stems from your heart. Your level of commitment is no exception. As a follower of Jesus Christ I believe that getting and keeping our heart right with God is the starting point of everything. Really it’s the secret to everything else in your life. When your heart is right with God…He will supply the strength to stay committed to your dream even when you don’t think you can.

Why should you commit to reach your dream?

Because in the end your dream is not just about you. It will inspire others too, and give you the insight to give encouragement to your friends, family, and those closest to you who need it most. Your dream is never just about you.

If you’ll put these five secrets to work in your life, in no time at all you’ll be seeing results in reaching your dream. It starts and flourishes when you have commitment.

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To Keep Your Dream Alive Remember This One Simple Thing


Maybe this year hasn’t turned out exactly as you planned.

Every year I have plans that are laid aside because of setbacks, resource issues, or just plain bad luck. It happens to everyone. No one is immune to the fact that sometimes plans don’t work out.

This year may have been one of those years for you. Several years ago, I learned a principle that has helped me to keep focus even when plans don’t go just right. And here’s the deal…many times your plans are really more than just plans…they are the starting points of what you hope grows into the fulfillment of your dream.

Whether it’s beginning a new small business, or parenting your children better, even becoming a more faithful christian…the best laid plans don’t always work out; and sometimes those plans have to do with your dream for your life

Some things are planned out of necessity. Other things are planned because they point us towards our dream. When those plans don’t seem to work out, it can really get us down.

To keep your dream alive remember this one simple thing…

Plans are measured in months…Vision is measured in years.

Plans are just that…they are short term goals that help us reach a preferred future. Your vision is your preferred future. Vision is what you hope your life becomes or what you desire to accomplish in your life. Simply put…Vision is a long term idea of what you want your future to look like.

We all have a vision for our life of some kind, even if we’ve never put it into words.

But here’s the problem…We let the failure of short term plans knock us off the path to reaching our long term vision. Don’t fall for that trap.

One of the best things I’ve ever learned is this: plans change, vision doesn’t.

There are many possible plans that God can use to point you toward your vision. Just because something didn’t work out quite right this year doesn’t mean that the world has ended and your dream is impossible…no…a thousand times no!

I believe that your vision is in your heart for a reason. In fact, I believe that God gifts every human being with a unique vision for their life. It’s part of our work to find it, and (with God’s help) make a plan to capture it.

Beginning this blog, among other things is for me, a step towards my dream. It’s what I feel is a God-given dream.

Remember this:

Dreams don’t come true over night.

Dreams require work, sweat, and sometimes tears. Your best plans are the short term means to a long term end…and plans change…

Plans are measured in months, vision is measured in years.

If you want next year to be better and put you closer to your dream…Here’s what to do:

1.) Learn to roll with it.

Life is going to throw you into things you didn’t expect. Life is tricky like that. When something comes up that’s outside of your plan…learn to adjust…learn to roll with it…learn to change quickly. Where I live, we have an active whitetail deer population. Sometimes at night, those deer like to cross the highway. Many times I’ve found my headlights staring down an unlucky deer that just happened to be crossing my path. I’ve learned that in that situation, quick thinking and change is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to crash. It happened to me again just two nights ago. Bottomline…something unexpected is going to cross your path this year and you are going to either plow right into it and wreck your life, or you’re going to make some quick adjustments and roll with it. Which one will you do?

2.) Live day by day…plan year by year.

One of the best things I’ve ever done is make an overall yearly plan. I’m always surprised by how many people have a great dream; but they never make a plan to reach it. If vision is long term, then it makes sense to look further down the road. You need a yearly plan. Set aside some time to see where you’re going next year. It will help you all year long. I promise.

3.) Review what happened this year.

Figure out what could’ve and should’ve changed. Think about what went right. There’s no better way to see where your life is headed than to look in the rearview mirror and see where you’ve been.

4.) Determine what personal changes you need for next year.

Author and consultant Chris Brogan, mentions finding three words that you want to describe your life next year. I love this. I’m already finding the words that I feel God wants to describe me next year. This is a simple, powerful way to point your personal life towards the direction of your dream.

5.) Stick with your dream.

You are going to encounter difficulty. That’s a given…in every difficulty you have a choice. To stick with your dream or to abandon it. Let me ask you a question…What are you going to miss out on if you don’t reach your dream? Maybe you’ll miss out on seeing your kids go to college…maybe you’ll miss out on finding your career…maybe you’ll miss out on something God has waiting for your life. Is it really worth it to miss out on your dream simply because you give in to the pressure of short term difficulty? Stick with your dream.

Question: What are you going to do differently next year to put you closer to reaching your dream?

Please answer this question in the comments box below. I’d love to hear your feedback!


How To Kill Your Dream In One Easy Step

How could this have happened to me?
How did I end up here?
How did people like them, find themselves in a place like that?


These are just a few of the questions that we ask ourselves when we end up in a place we thought we’d never be. Or when people we admire have a slip up somewhere in life we ask, “how”. How is it possible that so much potential could end up so pointless?

Everyday dreams die. What’s worse is they die deaths that don’t need to happen.

Another marriage hits the bottom. Another son or daughter makes all the wrong decisions. Another future destroyed by bad integrity.

There’s a lot of things that go into the making of a dream. There are many components to a dream. So how is it possible to kill your dream in one easy step, possibly without realizing it in the process? Simple…don’t be INTENTIONAL.

Now…I’ve seen people try to make dreams happen through faith. They put their faith in God and simply believe that He’s going to make it all happen. The problem with this is that God ALWAYS expects something out of us. Rarely does God just hand us our dreams on a silver platter with no work or effort on our part. Even the greatest apostles and servants of God in scripture had to work towards what was in their heart. Why would WE be any different?

  • Moses had to walk in the desert for YEARS.
  • Paul was shipwrecked and beaten
  • John was exiled

All these men and more had great dreams…dreams that truly came from God. Yet they faced things that were very difficult and they worked very hard to get to the place God wanted them to be. Most of the successful bible characters that we read about had this one common denominator…they were INTENTIONAL.

  • They made intentional choices
  • They intentionally worked hard
  • They had intentional times with God

They even had intentional relationships with people for the purpose of getting where God wanted them to be. So…what about you? Are you wishing and hoping for God to do something in your marriage that will really fix things? Stop wishing and start taking intentional steps to make things better. Are you just waiting for your “ship” to come in? Stop waiting on your “ship”. Instead, intentionally jump in the water and start swimming towards where you believe God wants you to be.


Now…I think there’s a reason or two why people aren’t as intentional about their dreams as they should be or as they would like to be…

  1. They don’t know WHERE to be intentional – Their dream lacks direction. They haven’t heard from God where to step next. There’s no clarity. God wants to give you direction. He really does want to help you in reaching the dream that HE has placed in your heart. You can be intentional; but you have to answer the question of WHERE. Where should my focus be? Where should I take the next step? Where should I go from here? God can help you answer the question of where…then He wants you to be intentional on taking the next step..
  2. They are AFRAID to be intentional – Sometimes…people want to talk about big things; but they don’t want to work towards them because those things are BIGGER than they are prepared to handle. Simply put, dreams can be scary. By definition, a dream is BIGGER than we are…otherwise it would be easy. What if my dream does happen? Will I know what to do? Will I be happy? Will I succeed? All of these questions and many more can cross our mind…But…why does that surprise us? Dreams ARE bigger than us. Dreams hold the potential to CHANGE our life. You don’t have to be able to handle your dream if and when it comes to pass…you just have to be able to ride it and listen to God for direction.
  3. It’s too much WORK to be intentional – If you don’t want to WORK HARD to reach your dream…I can guarantee that it won’t happen. Dreams take work…effort…sweat…prayer…and perseverance. You have to be willing to put in the time to let your dream sprout and begin to grow. Overnight success is rarely something that lasts. And dreams without work never happen.
  4. They don’t BELIEVE in their dream enough to be intentional – Now…here’s the question: if you don’t believe in your dream, who will? If you don’t really believe in your dream deep down, with all your heart…no one else will either; and you won’t be able to accomplish it. To accomplish something that is going to COST you time, effort, lack of sleep, hard work, perseverance, prayer, study, and possibly relationships, or ridicule…YOU’RE GOING TO NEED TO BELIEVE IN IT.

Here’s what to do – Locate ONE place where you can be intentional about your dream and start there.

Now…I would love to hear from you. What has been difficult for you in the process of reaching your dream? Would you be willing to share your comments below? I hope you will…your comments might just help someone else as well!

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6 Reasons Why You Need A Dream

Did you ever wish that there was something more in store for your life?

Most people have at one time or another. We are born. We go to kindergarten. We go to elementary and middle school, then high school. And somewhere along the way we begin to dream.

We dream that life is going to be amazing. We believe that we are the exception to the rule. There is something special and unique about our life.

Most people then go to college and the dream that they have gets shattered. Real life takes them by storm. Maybe a series of unfortunate events take place that put you directly into the workforce and life just starts to happen to you. Listen…you don’t have to give up on having a dream!

In fact…you need a dream. Dreams are important. Since I’m a believer, I live with the hope that God has a dream for every person’s life. It may not be exactly what you expected; and our life certainly isn’t a fairy tale. But dreams are real. They come from God. I believe that God really did make every person special and unique.

There is a unique call on your life that only you can fulfill.

That call is the basis of your dream. I want to give you six reasons why I think every person needs a dream in their life.

1. Dreams are motivators.

You need something that is going to give you a spark. I need something that is going to keep me moving forward, when I would rather sit still. What we need is a dream.

Dreams are motivating forces in our life. They help us to keep our life forward looking. Why is that important? Simply put, our past is behind us. There is nothing to turn back to. Without a dream motivating us to go forward, we have the potential to be stuck in the past.

You can see people from all arenas of life that get stuck. In fact, you’ve probably known some people like that. What they needed was a dream to motivate them.

2. Dreams require risk.

Some people avoid risk at all cost. But can I tell you a secret? Taking an educated risk is the way to make it to the greatest pay off.

If you are a Christian, risk is the byproduct of faith. Here’s what I mean…We believe God for something (faith)…so we are willing to put our faith to the test (risk). Our faith is so strong that we are willing to risk looking foolish, or even risk failure because we believe deep down that God has placed our dream in front of us.

Risk is not easy but it holds great rewards. Often our faith is empowered the most as we see God come through in response to our prayerful risk taking.

What about you…Have you ever taken a risk, or do you always just play it safe?

3. Dreams push us to be better.

When there is a dream in front of you that motivates you to take risks and walk forward, you begin to push yourself to be better in every area so that your dream doesn’t become a failure based on your shortcomings.

Your dream is pushing you to succeed. If your dream involves your career, you’re likely to hone and polish your job skills. Maybe your dream has to do with your family…you’re probably going to put in the effort to be a better husband, dad, mother, or wife.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. They are inspired in our heart. If a person is a Christian, I believe their dream comes from God. In any case, having a dream pushes us to be better in order to reach it.

4. Dreams help us make decisions.

Dreams are a filter that we run all of our opportunities through. When presented with a decision between two good things, we decide which is best based on whether or not it lends itself to making our dream a reality. This is especially true if a person believes that God has a plan for his or her life.

You believe that your dream is part of God’s plan. So every decision that comes your way gets easier. It either takes you toward God’s dream for your life, or it moves you further away from it. Since you know that living your dream…reaching your dream…seeing it happen is how things are supposed to be, you make your decision based on that.

I’m sure there are those people that will disagree with this line of thinking. That’s okay. As a believer, I put my faith in what I feel is God’s plan for my life. Throughout the years this has simplified the decision making process immensely. And honestly, I couldn’t feel better about where my decisions in life have taken me. I am currently living out one of my dreams!

5. Dreams help us stick to it, trust God, and be faithful.

How can you give up until you reach your dream? Especially if you feel like God has put the idea of it in your heart?

Your dream is important because it fulfills what you believe is supposed to happen. You believe God put it there…don’t give up on your dream.

All you have to do to move forward is don’t go backward. All you have to do to trust God is keep taking faith-filled risks. Just be faithful with what you have, where God has placed you; and He will see and reward your faithfulness.

You have a reason not to give up today…

Today may be the day that the opportunity comes. What if today where the moment where God finally opens your door? Holding on to your dream keeps you faithful to God during the process of turning your dream into reality.

6. Dreams are roadmaps to what could be and should be.

If you really believe that your dream came from God…or that your dream is the thing that will fulfill your life…then your dream is not just what could be, it’s what SHOULD BE.

In the bottomline, a person’s dream is their vision. It’s what they believe should be in their life.

Your dream is a vision that guides you from point A to point B.

My encouragement for you today is to keep going for what SHOULD BE in your life. Don’t settle for where you are; but reach for what God has next. Your dream could be and should be your future.

Here’s what to do:
Begin asking God to help you stay faithful to your dream. Pray that God will direct your steps towards His plan for your life.

I’d really like to know what some of your biggest dreams are. Sometimes just taking the time to write it down makes your dream seem more real. Will you share your dream in the comment box below?