5 Good Reasons To Keep Going When You Feel Like Quitting

Not Giving Up Might Be Your Best Decision


When things in life get difficult, often quitting seems like the best option. You don’t know what to do or how to handle what life is throwing at you. When the pressure builds, the stakes are high, and everything is riding on your decision, you may feel like quitting. However, quitting too soon is never […]

How To Supercharge Your Dream With Passion


The difference between having a dream and reaching your dream is passion. Passion may not solve all the problems there are in relation to making your dream come true. I know that passion alone may not make everything work. But passion is definitely the hot wire of your dream. Without it you can kiss your […]

Live Your Dreams Today With These Three Steps

live your dreams

Here’s the deal…You may not have a tomorrow. We are never promised tomorrow. With that in mind, here’s the question…Do you want to live your dreams, today? Most people would probably have to answer “yes”. You’re probably one of those people. We tend to get caught up in day to day life and to live […]

How To Deal With Obscurity In Two Steps


If I’ve learned anything up to this point in my life, these two things would be at the top of the list: Everything is a spiritual matter. Everything falls under the law of sowing and reaping. Even if you don’t believe the bible like I do…you can’t help but believe down deep that your actions […]