Perfectionist: Quit Trying To Be Perfect

Three Thoughts To Help You Conquer Your Pursuit Of Perfection

Perfectionist, there is no such thing as perfect. Often we are tempted to look at other people and compare our self to them. Their glaring weaknesses are never what show up in our thoughts, but rather we see all the spectacular wins and successes they seem to acquire. Perfection gets even more elusive when you […]

How to transform your leadership with one neglected action

The power of reading in a leader's life

Leaders are readers. This is a very popular statement in many circles and with some audiences; and to be clear, I believe it’s true. But… Not all readers are leaders. Even among those who hold a position of leadership in some organization, in many cases, the leader reads simply to say they have read. I have […]

Five Ways To Change Your Daily Rituals

Rituals. That’s not a word that we usually associate with our self. The fact is, though, we all have them. In fact, as I’m writing this post there is a cup of Starbucks sitting right next to me (I love to grind my own beans). Coffee is my morning ritual. To get up and have […]