Push Your Faith: 5 Powerful Benefits Of Active Faith

How Challenging Your Faith To Grow Can Make All The Difference


If you want your faith to grow, you have to invest in it. If you want to build your faith, you have to push it and challenge it. There are actions you need to take. In fact, five very specific actions need to happen if your faith is going to become the foundation it has the potential to be.

Pushing your face is more than something you have the luxury of considering; It is something you must do for faith to grow.

For the next fifteen days, I’m personally going to be pushing my faith towards a specific goal. To reach my faith goal is going to require stretching on my part. It’s a goal I haven’t hit before.

I wonder if you have any life areas in which your faith needs to be stretched and challenged? My guess is you do.

So why aren’t you pushing, and challenging your faith? Most won’t do it because it involves work. We tend to disregard working on our faith because faith can feel like a mystical, spiritual sort of quality. However, at its core, faith is just belief. Faith is the choice to trust in something, someone, or some outcome that may seem distant or non-existent. Faith chooses to believe in God even though we can’t see him. It chooses to believe that our outcomes in life can be different, even against all the odds.

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Faith is very simple, but not always easy.

Growing your faith presents a challenge. My suggestion is: Rise to the challenge. Do it sooner rather than later.

To help you along the way I’d like to give you some specific tasks that will challenge your faith to grow. These actions will benefit you in so many ways, so don’t ignore them.

5 Powerful Benefits Of Exercising Your Faith

Resistance produces growth

Just like training for your physical body involves resistance, faith training also needs resistance. Don’t resist the resistance you feel in your faith.

Faith exercise is a choice. When problems come against you and believing for a good outcome seems hard is when you need to lean into the resistance. Lean into the difficulties. Lean into the burdens. Lean into those circumstances for which you have no answers. It seems counterintuitive to do so, but the resistance grows your faith every time. The fact is, faith is unnecessary if we have all the answers to our problems.

Pushing your faith moves it forward

My house is lively, to say the least. We (my wife and I) have two boys age seven and four. They keep us young and on our toes. When our boys have a disagreement, there are times when they push each other.

Siblings tend to do this. If you have a sibling, you’ve probably had an argument that involved pushing back and forth. Here’s how this relates to faith: When you don’t agree with the circumstances in your life, you need to push your faith and make it go forward.

We tend to retreat too soon. Maybe it feels easier to pull back rather than to push forward, but going forward is imperative to faith. You cannot accomplish anything with your faith gears shifted to “park.”

Don’t be afraid of pushing your faith. Challenge it to grow. Make it work for you. Faith is more than a simple belief in God; it is also a tool to be leveraged in your life.

God responds to active faith

There are two kinds of faith. Only one of them produces results. What are they? Active faith and passive faith.

Passive faith believes that God is real, that anything is possible, and that his word is true. Sounds good, but it lacks one thing. Active faith believes all these same truths, but active faith goes further. As the name implies, active faith acts on the truth it knows.

So allow me to ask you a question: What action are you taking on the truths you say you believe?

If you know that God is in control, why are you still worrying about everything? If the promises of God are true, why aren’t you putting them into practice in your life?

The Bible is full of principles. These are tools to be used, not just statements to believe. Belief and action need to partner up in your life. The reason is simple: God responds to active faith.

God doesn’t always respond to our needs, but he certainly responds when we take action on the promises of his word and utilize them in our life.

Faith in motion is easier to keep in motion

Once you’ve activated your faith and took action on the truth you believe, don’t stop. We are often tempted to take a rest, stop for awhile, and regroup our thoughts. It sounds logical, but when you’re in the middle of a faith battle, it is so much easier to keep going than to quit and start over. Push your faith, move it forward, and keep it in motion.

Driven faith produces results and glorifies God

I understand the reason for faith in God should simply be the fact that he IS God, but let’s face it, one reason you believe is that you need God’s help, right? Sure you do, and that’s OK.

God is our heavenly Father. We are supposed to rely on him for things. In fact, if you never ask for God’s help it’s a sure sign that you are too dependent on yourself. We call too much self-dependence, pride.

When faith is put to the test, it produces results. Jesus said we could ask for whatever we need. Sometimes our “whatever” involves tough, complex situations. These sort of circumstances produce active, growing faith in our heart. God responds to our faith under these conditions, and he brings results that glorify his name in our life.

Are there any areas of your life in which your faith needs to be pushed?
What actions could you take to move your faith forward and cause it to grow?

Here’s a growing list of articles, posts, and resources to help you build strong faith. If you grow your faith, it will be a key to living an effective life. Enjoy!

Faith Building Challenge

Sometimes we know we need a little push, but we can’t seem to do it on our own. My five-day faith building challenge is the little push you need to jump start your faith. In it, you will find easy, actionable, and strategic steps to help you build your faith. I would love the opportunity to help you along the way. To join the challenge, sign up below, and I’ll send you an email to get you started.


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