How To Trust God’s Plan For Your Life

The Secret To Living The Life You Were Meant To Live

I don’t think trust comes naturally. Let’s face it, trust doesn’t come easily or naturally to most people. The reason? We’ve been through hurts or difficult seasons that leave us feeling a little jaded. Trust involves awkward moments. Those situations when you don’t know exactly what to do or say. You’ve been in one of […]

How To Lead Your Family To Grow Happier And Stronger

The Power Of Shepherding Your Family

Taking care of your family in our present day culture and context isn’t always easy. There are twists, turns, and decisions around every corner. You have to sort through a myriad of ideas and choose what’s best. But you love your family. You want to take care of them, so you do everything to do […]

Simple Leadership: 5 Great Ways to bring simplicity to your leadership

A post for Pastors and Church Leaders

Leadership is notoriously complex. It would be nice if simple leadership was within our grasp. We wrestle with problems, issues, and sometimes people. Not to mention that leaders need to point a clear direction on subjects like vision, mission, and values. Faith based leadership isn’t any easier either. Pastors struggle to lead their churches under […]

How To Improve Your Leadership By Leading With Integrity

Four Foundational Ideas To Improve Your Leadership Integrity

Leadership is not about gaining followers. It is about influencing the followers you already have, but leadership goes deeper than that as well. Leading with integrity is the key to lasting influence. History reveals the fact that some leaders should have never had followers in the first place. Why? Because, at their core, those leaders […]

4 Elements Of Big Prayers And The Great Potential Of Them

Praying Big Prayers Can Change Your Life For The Better

Let me ask you question today: What big prayers are you praying? A better question is: Are you praying for anything BIG? Here’s what Scripture says about your prayers… Mark 11:22–24 NLTse 22 Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God. 23 I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, […]