Push Your Faith: 5 Powerful Benefits Of Active Faith

How Challenging Your Faith To Grow Can Make All The Difference


If you want your faith to grow, you have to invest in it. If you want to build your faith, you have to push it and challenge it. There are actions you need to take. In fact, five very specific actions need to happen if your faith is going to become the foundation it has […]

Leadership is hard + 6 more secrets leaders won’t admit

Learn The Real Truth About Serving In Leadership


Leadership is hard. Really hard. You read that right. Though there are incentives to lead and often perks that go along with influence, it doesn’t make being a leader any less challenging. Leadership and the influence it carries has a way of isolating those who use it to serve. Many who serve in positions of […]

How To Keep Failure From Ruining Your Life

5 Ways To Overcome Failure And Feel Guilt-Free


​OK, let me ask you a question: ​Do you ever feel like you’ve failed?  ​I ask that question because many of us constantly feel like we come up short in the “getting-it-right” department. We make plans to do better, help more, be kinder, live stronger, be healthier, work on our relationships, but in the end, […]

How To Improve Your Goal Setting And Increase Your Faith

The Top 5 Beliefs You Need To Change About Goal Setting


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Sometimes I find it really difficult to set goals. They seem far removed from reality, they don’t always make sense to me, and they require lots and lots of work. At this point in my life, I would still call myself a goal setter, however. Every year it seems I […]

How To Be Confident Of Your Choices In 2017

A Simple Way To Use Focus And Create A Remarkable Year

How to be confident of your choices in 2017

Do you ever find it hard to have focus?  I do. Focus isn’t always the easiest quality to master.  Earlier this year, I had to move my home office downstairs because I had back surgery and there simply wasn’t any way I could go up and down the stairs at the time. So my wife […]